Managed Service Provider Integrated Chat

It's a mouthful, that's why we call it mspIC

Integrating ConnectWise Manage and Slack, along with a host of other products, to improve your day-to-day operations.


Time Saving Tools

We've designed mspIC around the concept of saving you time and money.

From the ability to create tickets and time entries on the fly, to the /lunch command, we've designed mspIC from the ground up to cut unnecessarty time throughout the day caused by ConnectWise slowness or inefficiency.

  • Receive incoming tickets directly into Slack, both updates and new ones

  • Route those wherever you want with Advanced Channel Mappings

  • Go on /lunch and automatically submit the time entry

  • Submit time and notes via Quick Actions

  • Create your own /break commands

  • Create new tickets with /t new

  • Pull ticket info with /t ####

  • Wrap up your day with /wrap


SMS for the MSP

Modern communication should be more than Email

We've got a robust solution in place for SMS communications in mspIC. Using Twilio or Flowroute as your provider, you can send and receive SMS within mspIC and even have that linked to tickets.

  • Send and Receive SMS and MMS

  • New SMS can create tickets

  • Link existing SMS threads to tickets

  • Translate automatically (with Azure Translator subscription)

  • Receive Shared MFA codes to a channel in Slack


If you use Slack, and you use ConnectWise Manage, what are you waiting for?

Every subscription comes with a 14-day trial, and we're happy to do a demo


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